The Rhythm of Communication

Country Way

Country Way album is finished! Available on disc or streaming starting Feb 14th!

COUNTRY WAY ALBUM IS FINISHED I have put out my second full album since 2004! Unlike my first album Dónde Está mi Corazón all in Spanish, Country Way has a country feel and songs are in English. The album will be available on all streaming platforms starting on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th). I also have a limited supply of physical CD’s available (contact me if interested). Thank you all the folks who helped make this project happen and all those who have supported my music and projects throughout the years. Especially thank you to my family!

Click here for the streaming link.

This album is in loving memory of “Smokey Joe” Bossie
and his friends Alan Brownell, Dale Cook and Alex “Freak”.

THANK YOU TO MUSICIANS: Special thanks to Jimmy Sferes for his amazing guitar playing, ukulele, bass, Hawaiian lap steel, and for his patient and artful mixing of the album. Much of the album was mixed over Zoom during covid-lockdown!

Big thanks to Sikiru Adepoju for playing talking drum (recorded by Deegan Adams) on tracks Country Way and God’s Hotel and also for percussion consulting. Thanks to Tim Gilmore, for volunteering to record drums on Country Way at Concord Community Music School back in 2013 (recorded by David Tonkin), between teaching his full roster of students. Thanks to Luke Dobrowski for adding drum set to Hippie Hill, Parallel Lines and Sugar Shock from his own studio. Thank you Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki for recording soulful fiddle lines for Parallel Lines and Probabaly Shouldn’t-a in his own home studio during covid-lockdown. Thank you to family and friends aka Ragged Mountain Band: Grace Schust (percussion and vocals), Jim Schust (rhythm guitar), Paul Currier (mandolin and vocals), Robert Grasmere (harmonica) & Jim Connell (bass guitar and vocals). Thank you Gerry Putnam of CedarHouse Sound and Mastering for mastering the album so beautifully. Also, thank you Jennifer White for adding some magic to the shouts on Hippie Hill and Sugar Shock and for supplying coffee and food to the engineer during the long mixing sessions. It takes a village to finish an album. Also, we couldn’t have done it without the oversight of Buddy the cat.