The Rhythm of Communication

“Parallel Lines” song hits the virtual shelves!

I wrote Parallel Lines, one month before the pandemic began, and I had a sixth sense I needed to record it right away while it was fresh. Jimmy Sferes had me come to the studio and lay down the vocals and the piano and bass parts. I had one rehearsal with Luke Dobrowski on drums at his studio. Then one week later, everything exploded and we reaccessed our recording plans. We decided to not meet in person, but to try the “remote recording” thing. 


The Pandemic really sped up my learning process, because I had to learn to use Logic Pro recording software fast, in order to record individual tracks to sent to the studio. Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki & Luke Dobrowski recorded their parts remotely too and emailed them to us. Jimmy Sferes recorded his guitar part and played it for me on Zoom. Jimmy & I mixed the whole thing on Zoom, with some supervision of my two cats and elderly dog, and his studio cat. 


 Many cups of coffee later, I sent it to be mastered by Gerry Putnam. The tracks were magically sent back to me by “We Transfer” via email. I downloaded it, and then uploaded the song to CD Baby the distributor… along with the fabulous cover art drawn by my super talented mom, Grace Schust.


I took my time to research how to promote my own music without a budget, and I started to do it. I came to realize that if you promote yourself in a fun way, there are many people who are happy to join the journey.


So, I hope you will enjoy listening to the song, and will share it with friends and make your own youtube videos with it. It’s important that the song has a life of its own! Art and music are about communication. If the song speaks to you, please share it so it can speak to others too!


And now… I give you: “Parallel Lines”… you can stream it on any music streaming platforms, but to make it easier, here is a link to find it directly: