Mali America Music

My newest project is a cross-cultural collaboration with my friend Sinaly Papus Diabaté aka “Papa Zani”. We are working on an album and two music videos all recorded and filmed in both Mali and New Hampshire. By using remote technology, we are able to co-write and rehearse online and co-produce this project. We have 3 songs recorded already, not yet mixed or mastered. We also have one music video filmed, and in the editing room. We hope to create a 4-6 song album and 2 music videos to market the songs to a wider audience beyond Mali and New Hampshire. If you are interested in getting involved or contributing to the project, we are currently starting a fundraising campaign to raise the money to finish the album and videos. You can hear little clips of the music in progress in the following fundraiser video we put together, which also includes photos from studio sessions in Mali and New Hampshire and video shots. More to come on this project as it continues.

Fundraising Video for Moussow album and music videos 2023- Mali America Music by Sinaly Papus Diabaté (Papa Zani) & Lindsey Schust