Live and Studio Recordings 2001-2022


Sogonikun Suite

(Undergraduate Honors Thesis composition, Brandeis University) 2001



Live at the Velostation  (with Zani Papus Diabate and Caleb Cressman), 2002.



Kara Bara (Sinaly Papus Diabate and Malian musicians, featuring Lindsey & Grace on song Yiriba Ye) 2002.



Yiriba ye variations (Masters thesis composition, Tufts University) 2003.



Songweavers Women’s Chorus, Live Concert, 2000-2019.



Donde Esta mi Corazon (with Grace Schust) 2004.



Donde Esta Mi Corazon (live) album with Songweavers Women’s chorus and SW African drummers (with Grace Schust, Peg O’Neil, Emilie Meadows, BJ Entwisle, David Tonkin, John Faggiano, Don Williams, and Carolyn Parrott) 2005.



Global Rhythms Collectors CD, featuring Cafe con Leche December 2006.



Hippie Hill (single) (with Grace Schust, Jim Schust, Emilie Meadows, Peg O’Neil, &

BJ Entwisle), 2011



Ope (Riddim Doctors) with Sikiru Adepoju and Val Serrant, Giovanni Hidalgo), 2020.



Country Way (with Grace Schust, Jim Schust, Robert Grasmere, Paul Currier, Jim Connell, and guests Jimmy Sferes, Sikiru Adepoju, Jordan TW, Tim Gilmore, & Luke Dobrowski), 2022.