Her newest album “COUNTRY WAY” will be coming out in the summer of 2022, and will include “Cafe con leche” (coffee with milk), Hippie Hill, Country Way and Parallel Lines. 


Lindsey Schust is a composer, percussionist, singer-songwriter
& pianist from rural New Hampshire.  Lindsey creates a kaleidoscope of sound, by combining opposing traditions and cultures into a new sound.   Trained in Classical composition, African drumming, Latin percussion, and community choral singing, and folk country music, Lindsey’s style stands out in its driving rhythms, tight weave of melodies and harmonies, and down to earth story telling. 

 Her songs are written in multiple languages English, Spanish, Yoruba or Bambara) and have a following internationally.  

She has collaborated with great artists including master guitarist Papus Zani Diabaté of Mali, their single “Yiriba ye” (big tree) made the National Radio of Mali’s charts.  Vocals by Lindsey and Grace Schust, Guitar by Papus Zani Diabaté, harpsichord by Lindsey Schust.

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