Lindsey’s early work included a handful of Afro-Cuban styled songs, which she wrote in Spanish, with the help of a native speaker friend. Her album “Dónde Está mi Corazón” features popular songs such as “Café con leche” (Cuban Latte or Coffee with Milk), which has a strong piano montuno throughout. 


Another popular pieces from the Afro-Cuban album is the title track “Dónde Está mi Corazón” (where is my heart) which has been picked up by a Baltimore Dance Troupe “Dance Alchemy”, who choreographed a beautiful piece to the track. You can watch it here.


Starting in 2011, Lindsey started writing songs in English (her native language) in a Country/Folk style. Her tune “Hippie Hill” became a local favorite in Danbury, NH, the home of “Hippie Hill”. She recorded a music video in Danbury on location, which can be viewed here.


Lindsey’s upcoming album “Country Way” will include a new arrangement of Hippie Hill and some new pieces with a country influence, crossed with a backbeat of Afro-Cuban rhythms.